„Breaking oder die Verpflichtung seinen eigenen Stil zu finden/Breaking; or the Commitment to Creating One’s Own Style (gemeinsam mit Christine Stöger).“

In: Diskussion Musikpädagogik 65/15: „Musik bewegt. Hg. v. Christoph Richter. Hamburg: Hildegard Junker Verlag 2015, S. 18-25.



As part of the aesthetic practices of Hip Hop, breaking developed its own learning culture. From its birth on the streets, to the various classes now offered in institutions throughout Germany, learning in the domain has undergone more than 30 years of development and formalisation. This paper is based on the “Learning in Breaking” research project and focuses on the commitment to creating one’s own style, something that emerges as being crucial from the very start. Looking at a scene that took place in a breaking class, basic elements of the learning culture are examined and the significance of the dedication to developing one’s own creative identity is described.